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Rig Surveys

Rig Surveys involve the thorough inspection of standing and running rigging, rigging attachment points, chainplates and supporting members, spars, mast step(s), and all blocks and fairleads.

Ideally this survey is carried out with the mast(s) un-stepped so that load bearing surfaces can be closely inspected. However, not all vessels have access to a crane. The alternative is to inspect the rigging in situ. With IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) qualifications sailboat rigs are safely climbed and traversed independently.

Climbing ropes are rigged so the vessel's lines are not damaged.

Several photos and videos show the client exactly what has been inspected and tested, and this is compiled into a holistic report which is received within one week from the inspection date.


Rig surveys are especially important prior to, or following, an extended offshore passage, or following heavy weather at sea. Don't let out of sight be out of mind.

The cost depends on the size of the vessel and number of masts, as well as any extra time taken to replace parts where necessary.

Call or send a message if you have any questions about rig surveys and wish to receive a quote.

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