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The Report

The report is an objective, factual document which sets out to detail the findings of the survey and the tests carried out therein of part of, or the whole of, a vessel. This is the case whether carrying out a rigging survey, keel survey, damage survey or pre-purchase survey.

Written in plain English, the report is free of any untranslated niche marine vocabulary, and clearly presented, allowing it to be straight forward and coherent. This is paramount as it means the reader can focus on the principles and issues detailed within the report without hinderance.

The report's presentation is easy to read and navigate, and includes a separate annex of reference photos. This is most helpful where a fault, damage, etc, is covered within the text and a picture is worth a thousand words.  

The document is tailormade to the client's needs. For example; if the vessel is to be taken offshore, professional advice detailing rigging sizes, safety factors and storm equipment is included with the report. Furthermore, contact is made with the client following the delivery of the report to make sure they understand the report and its findings, and to answer any questions they may have regarding the report or the vessel in question.

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