Core Values

1. Good Communication

Good communication builds trust and understanding and I always listen to my clients and where necessary offer impartial advice. I keep clients up to date and informed doing my best to respond to any questions as soon as I can. 

2. Factual Reports


Where possible, I turn opinion into fact. No one wants a report detailing what a surveyor thinks, they want knowledgeable surveyors creating factual, quantifiable and objective reports void of opinion and bias. I do this by carrying out extensive testing, tests that turn an opinion into an incontrovertible fact such as testing the strength of the deck around a chainplate, testing the security of a rudder blade around its stock, testing the security of the keel bolts, and so on. 


3. Expanding Knowledge

Without knowledge of what something is and how it works and behaves, you can't reliably test it and accurately report on it. The knowledge I have gained from boatbuilding, repair and restoration works, rigging, metal works and fibreglass work, sailing and instructing, not to mention professional, practical surveying training, puts me in a knowledgeable position. However, there is always room to learn more. This is why I continue to expand my knowledge base, forever reading books and articles concerning the very basic to the starkly niche, and each piece of knowledge inevitably translates into more insightful, accurate surveys, and continuously satisfied clients.

4. The Environment

With belching diesel engines and everlasting glass interwoven plastic, the marine industries are not particularly green or clean. Where I can, I do my bit for our environment, using compostable products where possible, using only rechargeable batteries and travelling to and from survey in the greenest possible fashion. A drop in the ocean perhaps, but a drop none the less. I also keep a keen eye on green developments in the industry such as biodegradable resins and oils, solar energy and filtration. 


I encourage water users to be as environmentally friendly as possible, as we do not want to degenerate our collective playground.