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Core Values

  • Good Communication

Good communication builds trust and understanding. Listening to clients' needs is paramount to deliver the service they require.

  • Factual Reports

Where possible opinion is turned into fact by carrying out extensive testing during a survey. Objective testing delivers objective, quantifiable results, then it is the job of the surveyor to consider how this relates to the condition of item tested.

  • Expanding Knowledge

Continued professional development is a high priority. This feeds the passion for learning, and results in improved service for the client. Each piece of knowledge translates into more insightful and accurate surveys, and continuously satisfied clients.

  • The Environment

With belching diesel engines and everlasting fibre interwoven plastics, the marine industry is not particularly green or clean. Consideration is always given to how to carry out day to day business in the most environmentally friendly way as far as practicable, and advice is offered to clients where applicable to minimise environmental impacts. A keen eye is kept on green developments in the industry such as biodegradable resins and oils, renewable energy and filtration. 

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