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Structural Hull Surveys

Structural hull surveys give a detailed insight into the strength, integrity and condition of a hull and its apertures.

The survey covers the hull, its stiffening and supporting structures, its keel(s), rudder(s), skeg(s), hull to deck join, deck, coachroof, superstructure and through hull fittings.

Structural hull surveys are vital if it is suspected that a vessel has been damaged in heavy weather, during transport or been involved in a collision, or if osmosis, corrosion or and/or rot is suspected.

If the vessel is a project, and requires full restorative work, it is important for a surveyor to thoroughly inspect a hull to know the structure is sound before commencing that work, as the bulkhead tabbing, floors, stringers, frames and belly pans are difficult/impossible to access once the fit out has begun.  

Structural Hull Surveys

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