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Insurance Renewal Surveys

Many insurers require their policy holders to have their vessel surveyed intermittently to renew an annual policy. Therefore, this survey focuses on areas where insurance claims are typically made.

The insurance survey inspection checklist includes:

  • Hull Structure

  • Keel(s) 

  • Rudder(s) and Steering Gear

  • Skin Fittings

  • Hull-Deck Join

  • Deck

  • Bulkheads and Other Structural Stiffening

  • Valves and Seacocks 

  • Plumbing

  • Visual Inspection of the Engine

  • Fuel Tank and Delivery

  • Chainplates

  • Standing and Running Rigging

  • Spars

  • Guard Wires, Stanchions, Pushpit and Pulpit.

  • Window and Porthole Inspection 

  • Gas System

  • Electrical Installation

  • Fire Safety

  • First Aid and Emergency Equipment


A marine surveyor should be able to employ objectivity in each Insurance Renewal Survey, as most vessels are not heading out into the mid Atlantic, and are fit for purpose for their inland and relatively sheltered waters. That said, a meticulous survey will often shine light on an area of concern, which is beneficial for the owner to know. Cracked keel floors, sheered structural hull frames and broken skin fittings are frequently inspected, and all unbeknown to the owners.

This survey is extremely detailed and will be insightful for owners and insurers alike. A survey report will usually be produced in less than one week which will be emailed to the client in PDF format. 

Insurance Renewal Yacht Surveys

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