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Pre Purchase Surveys

Pre Purchase Surveys, also known as Condition Surveys, are holistic  surveys covering all areas of the vessel and its various parts. This includes, where applicable:

  • The hull(s) and all reinforcing members

  • The keel(s) and all reinforcing members

  • The rudder(s) and all associated constructions and steering gear

  • Full and partial bulkheads and tabbing 

  • Hull to deck join

  • The deck, cockpit and superstructure

  • Through hull fittings and seacocks

  • Spars and compression posts

  • Standing and running rigging

  • Sails

  • Sail covers, UV strips and lazyjacks

  • Winches, cleats, blocks and jamming cleats

  • Chainplates

  • Ground tackle

  • Guard wires and stanchions

  • Jacklines

  • Engine(s) and engine installation

  • Fuel tanks and plumbing

  • Propeller(s) and drive shaft(s)

  • Stern gear

  • Navigational equipment

  • Electronics

  • Batteries

  • Gas installation

  • Cooking facilities

  • Bilge pumping arrangements 

  • Firefighting and other life saving equipment

  • Heating and cooling appliances

  • Heads

  • Plumbing and drainage

  • Tankage

  • Portholes and hatches

  • Sprayhood, bimini and dodgers

  • Interior fit out and security of fittings

  • Onboard appliances

Following completion of the survey a highly detailed report will be sent to the client via email in PDF format usually within a week of the survey date.

This detailed survey is vital prior to the purchase of a vessel to ensure that the condition of the vessel is well known and well understood. With a comprehensive survey, the informed buyer is greatly eliminating the potential to be met with unforeseen costs or with failures at sea.

The best surveys involve extensive testing. Testing every part of a vessel where possible offers more objectivity of the part's condition, quality, strength and/or suitability. This results in factual, quantifiable surveys, and eliminates subjective opinion and assumption. This gives the buyer a greater insight and more holistic understanding of the vessel.

Following on from this, aftercare is ongoing where required by answering any questions and queries and offering advice where applicable.  The purpose of which is to keep individuals safer on the water and at sea which is the surveyor's top priority.  

Call directly, email or send a message in the contact section for more information.

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