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Tools and Equipment

The tools and equipment used on surveys are professional, reliable, and well maintained. This better ensures accurate testing and results, which translates into more objective and precise reports. This is true for a small, simple 4Oz pein hammer, all the way to the complicated, multi functional multiple echo ultrasonic equipment employed in steel and aluminium surveys.


Moisture Meter

On fibreglass surveys a Tramex Skipper 5 moisture meter is employed to test the moisture content of a hull and deck of a vessel, as well as bulkheads, rudders and encapsulated keels where applicable. 

Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

A Tritex 5600 multiple echo ultrasonic thickness meter is employed on steel, iron and aluminium hulled vessels. This high tech piece of equipment can reliably read through paint coatings (as pictured) so no damage to any coatings is required.

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